How does it work

USITechreferrals.com allows members of the USI-Tech referral community to earn referrals for the USI-Tech platform. Joining this community is easy, just add one of the community members as your USI-Tech sponsor and soon you can expect to gain your own referrals. All the details about signing up can be found at the referrals membership.

Fair distrubution

All members of the USI-Tech referral community are placed in a queue, waiting for their turn to receive a referral. When you are at the front of the queue your USI-Tech username will be displayed at the registration form. The next member who joins the community will add you as his or her USI-Tech sponsor.

When a new member joins the community you need to be confirm the referral. You need to check that the new member has added you as his sponsor on USI-Tech and that there is an active loan on that account. While you have a pending referral your username will not be shown on the website until you approve or deny the referral. The faster you confirm a registration, the faster you’ll get back in the queue for your next referral. When you deny a referral you will be placed back at the front of the queue.

When you confirm a referral this new member will now also be placed in the queue to receive referrals. These referrals will become your 2nd tier referrals from which you will also earn commision (3%). Then those 2nd tier referrals will get their own referrals and those will be your 3rd tier referrals from which you also earn commision (3%). As you can see your team might start small, but can grow very quick with this system.

To prevent duplicate referrals, when multiple users are active on the website we don’t only present the first member at the front of the queue, but a selection of members. In the end we will make sure that all the members get a fair share of referrals. You can see the queue here.

When you are registered to the USI-Tech referral community you will receive a referral link for this website. With this link you can invite friends or family members to the community. We have limited the maximum number of referral for every member level for month*. Receiving a referral with your personal link will not change your position in the queue.

After you hit the maximum number of referral registrations for a month, additional valid registrations through your referral link will reward you a 10 place jump in the silver queue. This way people still benefit from promoting the platform.


To ensure this service will work smoothly and minimalize the chance people abuse the system we’ve put in place a penalty system. With this system we (temporary) delist your account, this means you can’t get any new sponsorships. After the penalty expired your referral link will be put at the end of the queue waiting for the next sponsorship.

A penalty can be given to you for several reasons. Not accepting a referral within 24 hours, false denying a referral or accepting a referral without an active loan are some of these reasons.

When you receive a third penalty the only way to get listed again is to pay a fine. The amount will be determined by the offences you made. Information about this will be sent by mail. If you’re a good and fair contributor to the community this should not be a worry for you.

Penalty Time delisted
1 One week
2 One month
3 Permanent

*The number of referrals are based on a statistic and are not guaranteed. The USI-Techreferrals platform is free and is not part of the USI-Tech official website.

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